Workshop & Repairs

We provide specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes, hoists and port equipment—from a single piece of equipment to entire operations. Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations.

As with all machinery, your cranes may require parts replaced or wear and tear items to be changed. Afhreen Roadways can help you source parts for cranes of almost all makes and install them as they had been from the factory. Considering the volume of cranes under our care, we maintain a healthy STOCK of spares, so you are never left waiting for a vital component.

Moreover, our team of experts can help you develop parts that are not available in the MARKET or required specifically for your application

Ask us about our reputable crane services! We can provide an obligation-free quote.

Our Workshop Services

Few of our workshop specializations are:

  • Welding
  • Fabrication (Crane Parts / Boom)
  • Making of Counter Weight
  • Making of Crawler/Chain/Body
  • Repair of Cranes (Any issues in crane can be solved)
  • Arrangment of Spare Parts of Cranes

By scheduling routine crane repairs, crane maintenance work and crane inspections, we can minimise downtime of your cranes, lifting equipment and hoists. Better still, we can customise an appropriate program to suit your requirements and works program.

Ask us to inspect your cranes and hoists, using load tests, geometrical measurements and condition crane inspections. We can also inspect your overhead crane safety and crane safety systems.

Need emergency or planned repairs, or an upgrade? Our technicians are available around the clock. Or we can work with your operation schedule and time constraints to fulfil your planned repair needs.

Seeking a spare part for a TATA tower crane or hoist brand? Give us a call. We stock replacement parts and can deliver them to you. And if an item isn’t in stock, we can arrange to get it for you.

Does your crane need an overhaul? Leave it to us to get the job done.

Crane safety is all about having durable and reliable wire ropes. We can arrange wire rope testing and other crane testing services to ensure your site stays safe.